Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Mixed Species Shirt. I have this one and it is so comfy!

I wanted to write last week, about the 4th of July and such... but I have been so busy, so today I will do a little catch up.

On the opening day of Wall-E, my mother and I took my 2 1/2 year old son to see it. He absolutely loved it, and paid so much attention to it. During the part where Wall-e doesn't fully reboot and loses his personality, my son said, concerned, "Where Wall-e go?" Even he could tell that Wall-E was not himself!

So, I got my hubby and his parents up and we took my sons to see Wall-E again. My husband automatically said once the movie ended... "We need to go and buy some Wall-e stuff". Which is SOOOO unlike us. We have NEVER purchased any Disney/Pixar/commercial type items (see video below HAHAHA), and people know that so we don't recieve them as gifts either. But Wall-E is different!! They (I won't say who) didn't have any toys yet, only bedding that wasn't all that great, so we got him a couple of T-shirts. Now, that is all the kiddo wants to wear. If you haven't seen the movie yet, please do, it is soo touching! This segment explains my recycled features!!

For the 4th, we watched fireworks and we were soo close to them. They were much better than many I have seen in the past. My son loved them and he called them "thunderworks" because of the noise. I was worried they would scare my 6 month old. He cried for about 5 seconds when they first started, but after that, he stared and cooed in wonder for the entire hour. It was so sweet, I love family moments like that!
Recycled Earrings by Artwork by KD

Binary Winter Shirt

Well, I have been getting busier in my jewelry sales, and am so thankful, I wish to be busier! I looked and for once I am starting to turn a teeny tiny ounce of a profit... which is great since we are hoping to visit family in a couple of weeks and to recoup after we dropped $800 to fix a totally broken air conditioner in the dead heat of Texas summer. Well, kiss that goodbye, this morning, my hubby called me to say our car had been broken into, the window was totally shattered (and glass all over our carseats no less!) Apparently, some bored/high/drunk kids/teens/adults went vandalizing cars in our neighborhood last night. They didn't even take anything, just randomly breaking in windows. Well, karma will get them in the end somehow.
Recycle Encouragment set by EcoLogicallyWorn

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